The OA Review

Jillian Hickey and Jillian Hickey

The OA is a new netflix original consisting of eight mind blowing episodes. The co-creator and star Brit Marling plays a blind girl, named Prairie, who disappeared seven years prior. The story starts when she miraculously reappears, with her sight. She decides to tell her story to a group of strangers and the thrill begins. The show questions life, death, and everything in between while the characters try to piece together Prairie’s story. It must be admitted that this show is an aquired taste in that some will not enjoy it right away. Keep watching!

It has the same vibe as another Netflix original Black Mirror in that every single episode is amazing, fast paced, and intellectual without being confusing. One thing to mention is that this show is not a supernatural show which is something that I found particularly intriguing. The reason I say it is not a supernatural show is because there are very little special effects, however, throughout the hour long episodes the writers play with a sci-fi theory of alternate dimensions. This makes it particularly interesting that there are little special effects and makes it feel as though one is watching a documentary and not a Netflix original. The story also creates some very believable characters. Furthermore the whole solving a mystery aspect makes it so that the characters are figuring out the story at the same time that the watcher is. This makes the experience much more suspenseful and predictably the eighth episode ends in a cliffhanger. Luckily, according to entertainment weekly Brit Marling says the writers do have a story planned for season two but are “unsure if they will be able to tell it.”

In conclusion if you’re looking for something to watch remember The OA and try it out. You will not be disappointed.


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