What Happened at Jitters?

Zoe Croak and Zoe Croak

This year’s 2016 Jitters talent show was a booming success. Held in the cafeteria, kids from all grades showed off their special talents, musical callings, corny jokes, and more. It gave kids a chance to show off what they’ve got and be in the limelight in front of their peers. All of the performances were great of course, but some stood out more than others.
As you walk into the cafeteria around 7:00pm, the lights and comfy couches create a warm and inviting atmosphere. As everyone sat down on blankets nobody knew what exciting performances were in store.
One performance that seemed to take the audience by storm was the popular new dance craze “Juju on that Beat.” Not one, but two performances of this dance were done each different in style and form. Many debated back and forth which one is better. Throughout the night a few musical performances were well needed and Chris Castro was there to supply. Will Hansell performed a stand up comedy act which made the audience crack up. Erika Gideon supplied some more comic relief by telling some jokes as well. The annual “Ding Dong” song was also performed. For those of you that missed it, it’s a rap game where two people go back and forth doing raps while the audience sings a song in between. Then, when the audience starts to get the rhythm they can spit some fire as well. Frances Applegarth and Zoe Croak really went for it while picking at each other as well as unsuspecting audience members. Cheerleaders did a mesmerizing “bop it” dance which got crowd members dancing. The Italian exchange student Michele Pipino surprised the audience with his Italian style rapping. Dylan Herschorn took on his stage name of “Little Yeezus” while he lead the crowd in singing songs. A few of the varsity football players made a dramatic entrance all to do one thing: flip a water bottle. The crowd went wild even as they missed. Why you ask? That is just how supportive the atmosphere at Jitters was.
Overall, Jitters was a total success. ASB was proud of the way it went and plans to replace the talent show with another Jitters. So get your talents ready and put yourself out there! In Terra Linda’s accepting environment you’ll get plenty of support.