Terra Linda’s New Tutoring System

Will Hansell and Silvia Alfonso

Terra Linda High School is making many changes this year to better the lives of the students. Out of the many changes, one of them is a new tutoring system that allows students to meet with their math and science teachers before and after school to seek help. Previously, the scores in the math and science department were lower than average. With this new system, “the school hopes to help raise those scores” says Mrs. Dunlap. It is a good addition to the already in-place tutoring system which takes place after school. The problem with that one is that students were only able to get help from students and not their teachers. So far, it seems as if the new system has been working. Dahra Langoodi is an eleventh grade student at TL, and he says that “..it really helps because your teacher is able to directly help you on stuff that has happened or will happen in class.” Dahra said that he has already noticed that the class seems a lot easier than before. Mr. McCarthy, a math teacher at Terra Linda, also commented saying that, “kids who take advantage of this new opportunity seem to perform… much better than they did before”. Mrs. Dunlap sees the new system as, “a structure for kids to get regular help from teachers that aren’t always available.” All in all, this new tutoring system is a great addition to the school and will help benefit students now and for the coming years.