Stickin’ it to LAX


Tori Lehman

Aidan Howard on the field with an MC wildcat

Silvia Alfonso and Silvia Alfonso

Lacrosse, though not normally as popular as football or soccer, is still a crowd favorite among Terra Linda students. Over the years, the lacrosse team at Terra Linda has played well and built a good reputation. 2015 was an especially a good year; now they want to step it up and reach the playoffs.

This year’s team feels quite confident that they’ll go farther than they have in the past. Senior and captain Carter Ogden says, “I hope to make the playoffs and make a run at the championship game for MCALs. TL Lacrosse has never won in the playoffs and we want to be the first one in history.” The motivation is high among the players to win a title for the team.

Varsity captain and junior Ryan Morris believes that the team has good chemistry for the most part, which has led them to a winning season this year. “Our team’s strengths are that we hustle a lot, we’re very athletic, and we have a high IQ of the game.” Junior Roddy Marshall adds, “My first year on varsity was freshman year. It was the first time winning MCAL [in the regular season] and since then we keep getting better.”

This season seems to be going well. Though they have had both wins and losses (with a recent loss against Marin Catholic and a win against Northgate High School), they have not failed to keep a high spirit. The goal among the team is to make it to the playoffs and hopefully MCAL championships. With their positive attitudes, this can certainly become a reality.