A Flea in Her Ear: A Side-Splitting TL Production


Chris Perani

Aidan Howard, Tyler Pryun and Scott Smith reading a shocking, anonymous love letter.

This year’s comedy, A Flea in Her Ear, was a major hit! It was a confusing plot that kept the audience guessing until everything came together in the very end. It started when a woman named Raymonde Chandebise, played by Emma Farman, thought her husband Mr. Chandebise, played by Tyler Pruyn, was being unfaithful because she found her husband’s suspenders sent back to their house from the Frisky Kitty Hotel. Keep in mind, this hotel is known for being a place where people are able to escape their spouses for a “fun night” (if you couldn’t already tell by the name).

In order for Mrs. Chandebise to prove her suspicions correct, she gets her friend, Lucienne Homenida de Histangua, played by Kirsten Annell, to write a letter from his “lover” telling him to meet her at the hotel, where his wife will catch him into her trap. As planned, Mr. Chandebise receives the letter, but doubts that it could be for him. He assumes it is for his friend, Romain Tournel, played by Aidan Howard. Romain then tells his other friend, Carlos Homenides de Histangua, played by Liam Goff, that he got this letter. Carlos takes a look at the letter and discovers that it is his wife’s handwriting. He goes on a furious rampage, swearing that he will find his wife and kill her. All of the characters end up in the Frisky Kitty Hotel on the same hectic night.

At the hotel everyone discovers Mr. Chandebise’s unknown doppleganger, named Posh, who was the bell-boy at the hotel. Everyone kept getting confused because they all thought Mr. Chandebise was Posh and vice versa. In the end it is revealed that Mr. Chandebise’s nephew, played by Noah Hornick, who had a hilarious speech impediment where he couldn’t say consonants, had originally been having a fling with the maid, and was wearing his uncle’s suspenders, which is why they were sent back to the house and why Mrs. Chandebise thought Mr. Chandebise was having an affair in the first place.

All of the performances were hilarious, and the set was extremely well done. It was a performance that everyone enjoyed. Junior Gabriella Elias said “it was hilarious, very well rehearsed, and arguably the best play I’ve seen at TL so far.” Junior Annabelle Vinokur, who also saw the play, said “I’ve never been to a TL play and I was surprised at how well everyone acted and how professional they were at it.”

Everything seemed to run smoothly onstage, but the audience only saw the final product; the preparation that went into it wasn’t quite as easy. The production of the play, according to actor Leo Levy, was “a classic play where everything was a mess just before” and “it would have been very hard to continue had it not been for the comedic moments.” Emma Farman adds “it was a good time… the most tiring show I’ve ever been in.” Junior Jordan Semanick, who worked on sets, said that the “sets were hard work [and] the crew did exceptional when things didn’t go as planned.” All of this hard work showed on the night of the performance.
All of the confusion and hilarious antics had everyone’s sides hurting from laughing so hard. It was a great way to spend a Saturday night.