Welcome Back From The Voice

Greetings, Trojan Community!


We’re getting our publications rolling down here in The Voice Newsroom (307), and wanted to take the chance to welcome everybody back for what we hope will be a rigorous and joy-full Fall season at TL.! We’re the best little school in the West! You know!


Our goal here is to publish regularly on our website about our world, micro to macro– on campus, in the community and in the world. We will cover topics as dire as Climate Change, and as fun and funny as sock trends. We will scoff at vaping flavors, (and vaping generally–stop it!)  and encourage your passion for 70s hair, 80s music, and 90s clothes (go ahead and correct me. Your teachers were AT that Def Leppard concert!). 


We want to hear about sports, clubs, politics, school developments and change…we want to read about trends and all the creative endeavors thriving all over our increasingly beautiful 21st Century Campus. We also want to help YOU get your voice out here and provide a platform to be involved. We seek fun, inclusive, social connection.


 We can’t be in 20 places at once, and we need your voices, too!


This is our first “PUSH” of stories for the fall, with a whole new crop of writers from 9th-12th grade, plus a solid handful of returning journalists. Gathering your voices in search of the story and  truth is our role here at our (awesome) school. We welcome guest contributors, and hope you will be willing to share your ideas and insights. 

Come on by room 307, and get involved any time your voice needs a willing ear, a canvas, a megaphone, and an audience. We also welcome art, photography and poetry. Again, you don’t have to be in the class to be on our website!


Again, thank you in advance for being willing to talk with our crew of Truth Warriors, as we navigate a new year, full of choices and change.


May the wind be at your backs!


Ms. Teagen Leonhart and The Voice staff



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