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Five Interesting Summer Jobs

Golf Caddy: This is a somewhat common job that you can usually apply for at many golf clubs, especially higher-end clubs. Pay ranges from anywhere between 50 to 100 dollars for roughly 4 hours of work on an entire 18 hole course, according to Investopedia. You could possibly even receive a pretty nice tip if you’re working with a more generous golfer. Caddying is a great pick for those who enjoy the outdoors, and (obviously) for anyone who loves golf. By necessity, you must understand how golf works and which clubs to give the player at certain points in the course, as well as having decent knowledge of the course and all the different terrains and hazards that are laid present.  So, if you’re a golfer and you have a course that you’ve played at multiple times, this could be an enjoyable and relatively easy way to make a pretty nice sum of money over the summer.


Lifeguard: Being a Lifeguard is obviously a very important job that requires a lot of maturity and responsibility. Nearly all local pools, beaches, YMCAs etc. require people applying to be a lifeguard to take some sort of training course before hiring, no matter how strong a swimmer one may be. Still, the job comes with many short and long-term benefits. First of all, you learn a ton of valuable skills:  CPR, and great First Aid knowledge usable at any time in life to save the lives of others. Additionally, lifeguarding requires responsibility, maturity and professionalism that look very impressive on college applications. College admissions officers seek  students with strong leadership skills. Finally, being a lifeguard a great way to get plenty of exercise in the summer, and also an easy way to find and make friends. Now, obviously, the pay is an extremely important factor for many. The hourly wage for most Lifeguards across the United States can range from the minimum wage all the way up to around $17.50 an hour, with the California average being around $13 an hour, according to Again, if you enjoy being outside often, and are a decently strong swimmer, this could be a great job for you.,9.htm

Sports Referee: Anyone who enjoys youth sports can pick up the whistle, but this job isn’t for everyone. Becoming a referee is a big responsibility as it requires devotion, commitment, and  being physically and mentally fit. As a young referee, you are put into a world of adults as you are typically managed by the referee coordinator; throughout games you’ll get to know coach/staff. You will attend training and other courses placing you into an environment where there is time to network and get to know others working towards similar goals. The salary of a youth referee is a lot different from the other jobs we listed as you get paid by game and age instead of by hour. You’ll usually make around $50-$100 a game for 13 and up, $40-$50 for 10-12, and $30-$40 for 9 and younger. Becoming a referee at an early age can act as a foundation for greater responsibilities in the future as the work is challenging, rewarding and can keep a person involved in a sport they love well beyond their playing years.                                                               ,20.htm

Camp Counselor: A summer job where you are always outside, swimming, playing sports like basketball, sitting around the campfire making s’mores, singing songs?  There are so many things you could do as a camp counselor and the fun part is…. YOU’RE GETTING PAID! This job is a no brainer if you just need a summer job, and it’s fun–but being a counselor is hard work. The hours are long and summers can be hot. Tending to the needs of children all day and night can be exhausting. It requires a lot of stamina, patience, and maturity. As a counselor, the hourly wage across the United States can range from $10-$12 all the way to $16 Camp Counselor jobs vary a lot, but the intensity of the job experience is pretty universal, and it can teach a person what kinds of job environments might help them thrive in the future.

Movie Theater Worker: Although a relatively common job, being a movie theater employee is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable jobs you could have over the summer. It’s a great job to get away from the overwhelming summer heat and to work in nice air conditioned facilities and have a good time at once. Along with that, you’re able to get tons of free popcorn and movie tickets for free, just for being an employee. So, you get to see some of the biggest, most anticipated films of the summer on the very first day they come out, and you don’t have to pay! It’s an easy going job where you get to work multiple jobs each time you come in, such as selling tickets, cleaning theaters, serving popcorn and other foods, and ripping up tickets when people are walking into the theater. And as for the pay, it isn’t bad, with starting pay ranging anywhere from about 11 dollars an hour all the way up to around 16 if you can work your way up and earn promotions, which also relatively easy to do at a movie theater if you have enough time.                                                                                            

Regardless of which you job you choose, it’s extremely important to get a job this summer. No matter which one you choose, you’ll gain valuable experience of how it is to be in the workforce, and how to work with other people. Along with that, you’ll earn plenty of money and possibly even learn how to manage your own money. Having a summer job is one of the smartest and really most important decisions a teen can make, no matter which job you’re working. Just make sure you get one, because you won’t regret it.


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