Everyone is Incredible

“I think anyone can be incredible. You just have to believe in yourself!” This is the motto for 18 year old Spencer Hoff. On March 24, Hoff competed in the Los Angeles marathon with the help of marathon runner, Ed Ettinghausen, to raise money for the organization KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) USA. KEEN is a fantastic organization whose mission is to help youth with disabilities by providing free non-competitive programs of exercise led by volunteer coaches. Hoff expressed what the KEEN organization means to him by saying, “The KEEN program means to me that I can hang out with other athletes like me. It has given me hope for the future.” This program is able to help students with disabilities realize their full potential in the world.


This race can be very challenging, but that didn’t stop Hoff from doing it. How did he power through? “It was very hard because of the heat.” He didn’t let the heat stop him from completing his race. When pushed throughout the race with a professional runner, he explained, “It felt like fast moving.” Overall, Hoff had a target to raise $1,350 for the KEEN organization, and raised a total of $3,467. This was way over his goal and he was/is so proud to have reached it.


This race gave Hoff so much inspiration that he wants to continue to challenge himself in the future. The opportunity to run in the race can inspire so many kids, and show a lot of bravery when it’s pursued. Having such an amazing first experience can impact one’s life, and help one grow and expand beyond any previous accomplishment. Was it a life-changing opportunity? “Yes! After the marathon, I think I can do anything.” This helpful and inspiring experience, can motivate other kids of ALL abilities to take on seemingly impossible challenges. What’s your excuse for not pursuing your best self!? If you see Spencer in the hallways of TL, make sure to congratulate him on this wonderful accomplishment!


Beyond accomplishing the race, Hoff decided to share his experience on a blog post. Here is a link to the post where he talks about his experience:. Please share comments and encouragement for this incredible Trojan!



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