20 Gift Ideas under $20

It’s officially December, which means it’s the most wonderful time of the year. People are giving and getting whether it’s during a White Elephant or a Hanukkah party. Gift giving can get expensive, which is why we have created a list of 20 inexpensive gifts to give you friends and family.

    1. Amazon Gift Card: You can never go wrong with money… but who even carries cash anyways?
    2. SCRUNCHIES: If you’re looking for a gift for your trendy little cousin, sister, mother, friend, or brother, this is the gift for them.
    3. Chapstick: it’s an everyday necessity that gets lost very easily. So stock up ASAP.
    4. Spotify Gift Card: Most people enjoy listening to music, but don’t want to hear the ads or spend the money on the subscription.
    5. Meme shirts: See a funny meme on the Internet? Put it on a shirt! Make your BFF a walking meme (not that they weren’t already one).
    6. Phone case: Help your buddy out by allowing themselves to have a cool looking phone.
    7. Cards Against Humanity: Would NOT recommend to play this game with young kids or grandparents. It is very funny though, some sophisticated humour in there.
    8. Skin Care: Tired of taking finals? Procrastinate with this and call it self care.
    9. Candles: Just another part of the “self care” package.
    10. Perfume/Cologne: Too scared to tell your friend they smell? Get them this instead. But warn them to not put on too much.
    11. Socks: Everyone loves socks, especially the fuzzy, funny ones.
    12. Art supplies: Express yourself, love yourself. Become the next Picasso with a cheap Michael’s kit.
    13. Movie tickets: Movies are always cool, but no one wants to pay $12 to see The Grinch.
    14. Milk and Honey: No one ever reads this, but the aesthetic is great.
    15. Fairy lights/Room lights: Once again, not too useful, but the aesthetic.
    16. Succulents: This is best for a friend who kills plants very easily, but likes how they look.
    17. Sunglasses: Although it’s December, the sun will never stop coming out (at least for now), so sunglasses are a must.
    18. Candy/Food: You can never go wrong with sugar, or any food really. People are hungry.
    19. Donate/Start a charity: Maybe during this giving season, try giving back to those in need. Start raising money for childhood cancer, world hunger, or maybe even give some old clothes to the homeless shelter.
    20. Love and affection: It’s free and everyone wants it. Everyone wins. <3




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