Social Justice

TL Walkout October 2018

TL Students walking out in protest of Brett kavanaugh and to Support #metoo. The event was organized by members of the activism club.

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  1. andorus-T is incredibly versatile; it can function as an effective pivot thanks to its access to Intimidate and U-turn, whether that be an offensive pivot that takes advantage of its sky-high Attack stat or a bulky one that makes use of its access to Stealth Rock, somewhat low Speed stat, and useful set of resistances, checking Pokemon like Choice Band Zygarde, Mega Pinsir, and Mega Lopunny reasonably consistently, and it’s still great when it aims somewhere between those two extremes for role compression purposes. It can also function as a potent wallbreaker thanks to its access to Swords Dance and its dangerous STAB combination in conjunction with Z moves.


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