Water Polo Wrap-Up

The Terra Linda Water Polo team recently ended their season. Just before the last home game, the Terra Linda pool was deemed un-competition ready. Boys Varsity ended the season with an overall record of 11 wins and 14 losses. They beat rival team, San Rafael, 12-4 during their second to last game of the season. Girl’s Varsity Team ended their season with an overall record of 8 wins and 11 losses, winning their last game against San Rafael by a whopping 17-3.

The teams had a great year but for Varsity Boys player, Ryan Corr, junior, great is never enough. Corr says of the season, “This year went really well. I’m really proud of everyone for coming out and playing and who came out to the games. We are definitely proud, but we are never satisfied and we are going to come back harder, better, faster, stronger next year.” Corr is very excited for next year, his last year on the team and he hopes it ends on a good note.

The boys’ team would’ve gone on to win the playoffs, but lost to the Redwood team 18-7. Varsity Boys played hard but Corr is confident in next year’s game against Redwood. He warns, “Watch out Redwood!” This year, the big game was played at Redwood’s pool, possibly explaining the lack of TL supporters at the match. Next season, if the Redwood game is a home game, then the Boys Varsity Team will have a bigger chance of winning. Terra Linda fans are the best fans and support the team no matter who they play.

The Girl’s Varsity Team did outstanding in their game against rival team San Rafael. The score was 18-7, being TL’s highest score of the season. The San Rafael vs. Terra Linda game was the Varsity Girls’ last game, which makes the satisfaction of winning even better, especially for the seniors on the team. Senior, Sally Lucchesi, says, “The season went pretty well and we worked good as a team. The season ended on a good note with a win at SR.” The overall for the team was 8 wins and 11 losses, but the wins were almost all blowouts. Their game against Redwood also ended in a loss near the end of the season but it was close. The Girl’s Varsity Water Polo Team is going to come back next year to take Redwood down.

Napa fires caused the Girl’s Varsity team to not make MCALS as a couple games were canceled. A week and a half were missed during the season because of said fires. The team was only able to make up one game which ruined their MCAL chances. The team’s seniors were very upset because of the unfair disadvantage with their chances. Lucchesi explains, “It sucked because a lot of teams we beat made MCALS while we should’ve made it in.”

Issues regarding the pool were brought up by the community after the huge issue with the football field being unplayable due to the lack of padding in the turf. There is a good chance that most of next season’s games will be away games for boys varsity and girls varsity because of the issues with the pool.

Photos taken by Victor Oliveira, Matt Peters, Marcus Dergosits, and Gabriel Fernandes.

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