Bell Game

To some people, the Bell Game is the most important game of the year. It is the football game between two rival teams, the Terra Linda Trojans and San Rafael Bulldogs.

In the weeks leading up to the Bell Game, however, there was a lot of talk about the game. Rumors spread the big game was going to be canceled because SR wouldn’t have a full team because too many players had been placed on academic probation. There was also a lot of questions regarding where the game would take place. TL’s field is not competition ready and SR’s field is under construction, so the game couldn’t be played on either field.

People said that the football game was to be held at Marin Catholic, while others said it was going to be at Tam. Finally, to resolve the rumors, Coach Cotruvo confirmed the Bell Game was being played on November 4 at Tamalpais’ High School.

Friday brought the lively Bell Game rally. Complete with an impressive routine by TL’s Varsity cheer team as well as a raucous and slightly unfair tug-of-war that sent several people flying and falling.

On Saturday, the actual game was played at Tamalpais High School. Students, parents, and friends came to see the game. Before the game started, to say thank you and goodbye to the Senior football players, the Junior players got into two lines and each of the Senior players walked in between the Juniors. The Seniors walked holding hands with their parents while everyone cheered and congratulated them for playing for the football team.

The Bell Game has been played for 27 years so it has been a long-standing tradition and can be considered a very emotional and important game. Terra Linda won for the fourteenth consecutive year with a score of 48-0, all of the points being scored in the first half. By the second half, Cotruvo called plays to give SR a chance to score. Regarding the next season Coach Cotruvo explains that, while the Junior football players are skilled, they will need to work on more their commitment. Johnny Tarantino agreed with this statement saying “The team definitely needs to work on their commitment.”

Coach Cotruvo put in Tarantino for the second half of the game. He explained that “scoring 48 points in the first half isn’t that [difficult].”

At the end of the game, the Trojans were presented the Bell Game Trophy. The tradition continues when quarterback Matt Peters kept the trophy overnight. The Trojans ended the season with an amazing game against our rivals and the team is very excited for the seasons to come.

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