Who is Daniel Caesar?

New and upcoming artist, Daniel Caesar, sweeps his crowds away with his moving lyrics. Caesar brings a new feel to R&B and soul music. Like other great R&B/Soul musicians, his songs are relatable and moving by portraying stories of love, heartbreak, and religion. This is only amplified in his newest and first album, Freudian. Daniel Caesar mixes upbeat melodies with thought-provoking stories on personal experiences that immerse you into the album.

The twenty-two-year-old singer and songwriter grew up in Toronto, Canada where he developed his passion for music at a young age. He started performing at the age of seven and picked up the guitar when he was ten. As he told Forbes, he didn’t fully pursue his music career until after high school. However, he did get degrees in music business, performance and technology, clearly reflecting his musical devotion. He started off his career by uploading his music onto Soundcloud. There, he grew a fanbase of supporters who encouraged him to create new music and continue writing. After releasing his EP “Praise Break” his rise to success began. This song successfully made Rolling Stone’s 20 best R&B albums in 2014 where it ranked number 19.

In an interview with Beats, Caesar stated “…when I got kicked out of school, music saved my life…”  his journey had him question love, heartbreak and leaving home. All these factors were integrated into his first album, released in August of 2017. This includes his hit single “Get You” featuring funky artist, Kali Uchis. It got an impressive 10 million streams on Apple Music after its October release.The album received 12 million streams on Spotify and 20 million global streams on Apple Music. Freudian also includes collaborations with H.E.R, Transgressor’s Song, and Charlotte Day Wilson.

During an interview with Ogden Payne, Caesar defines success as building something he can give to his children. Without a doubt, Caesar will continue to think big and achieve his artistic goal as a singer/ songwriter. Even though he has a long career ahead of him, he has a strong mindset regarding his future in the music industry.

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