Coachella Overview


Coachella is a music festival that has been taking place in Coachella Valley, California since 1999. It’s a large event with some of the industry’s top artists and entertainers such as Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Coldplay and many more.

Coachella takes places in April to avoid the hot summer heat down in southern California. This year, kids at Terra Linda have taken notice of Coachella, and the excitement seems to be progressively growing throughout the west coast. It has some of the best music and artists out of all the festivals around.

In this year’s Coachella lineup, artists such as Dj Khaled, Kendrick Lamar and even Lady Gaga performed. That’s just a small sample of the over 110 artists from every genre of music who appeared this year. What’s special about Coachella is the outright variety fans get to choose from over a three-day span. That’s pretty impressive.

Not only is the music out of this world, but the overall vibes given from the place are incredible. Spectators catch only smiles on people’s faces while standing in the warm sun, wearing colorful clothes and nice outfits. People go and express themselves through fashion and art.

On the Coachella property is a ferris wheel, merchandise stands, world class food, hot air balloons, giant space men, and state-of-the-art sculptures, along with anywhere from five to seven stages.

In addition to the full Coachella experience, the overall environment of the festival  is beyond amazing: warm weather, great houses, fantastic food and great times. Coachella is something that everyone needs to attend at least once in their lifetime to experience the atmosphere.


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