Student Life

Winter Fashion

Most of the time in California teens don’t usually change up their style. You’ll find any teenager wearing jeans with white vans and any shirt; but that seems to change when it starts to get colder. Boys and girls alike switch up their style quite a bit. Around Terra Linda fashion is a very big thing, whether it be a form of expression or just simple  comfort, everyone has something that’s a little different about their style.

When asked about his wardrobe, Terra Linda junior, Dahra Langoodi, voiced, “The winter weather is perfect for me, because I can wear jeans and a jacket not just for the sake of wearing them, but for being warm as well.” At Terra Linda High School usually a kind of style or clothing is ubiquitous on campus. Examples of these clothes are white low top shoes or hi tops, some sort of jean variation or yoga pants, and simplistic brand name clothes like Polo or Tommy or Adidas/Nike. These trends are really exemplified by groups of friends, where fashion and style seem to be shared. Individuality for teenangers is something that is highly sought after; having your own flare or something unique to you is what makes you special and different. Although some groups may have the same taste, it is very unlikely to see people dress exactly the same; however, seeing the same article of clothing mismatched on different people is very common.

Some students that stand out throughout Terra Linda High School include: senior Sophie Baublitz and junior Nahom Beyene. Each of them have a very unique sense of fashion that stands out from the sea of other students. Baublitz says, “I like to wear long sleeves and jeans… because they are very comfortable and they look stylish.” More often than not you’ll find that most guys at Terra Linda wear very similar clothing items, but Nahom takes a different approach. Nahom likes to wear “ripped jeans with any t-shirt and normally some camo.” He says, “I like the camo trend… I like how it’s something different from what people would normally wear.”

At Terra Linda High School, students aren’t afraid to be themselves and express who they are through their fashion. Terra Linda will continue to be a safe environment for kids to be unique and it is exciting to think what students will wear in the coming years.



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