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Baking at Terra Linda






Terra Linda is in the early stages of bringing a baking class to the campus.  Many students have heard about this class being available as soon as next year.  The logistics of adding a new class to any high school is very challenging:  There needs to be discussion on who will be teaching it, as well as  what money can be given to it.  In the next couple of years, hopefully all these questions will be answered, and Terra Linda will have a new baking class.

Students have liked the idea of a baking class at Terra Linda.  Junior,  Zoe Croak says, “I really want this class to be available because I could apply what I learn in real life.”   It is not often that one can use what they learn in high school in real life, but this class could provide that.  Another Terra Linda student, Holly Ogden explains that “I always wished they had a baking class and it seemed strange not to because we do have a functioning kitchen.”

Mrs.Galbreath, the current ceramics teacher, is capable of being the teacher of the future class.  She got certified to teach the class and is in charge of many baking class “promotions” that have been going on this year.  Students made cookies during the holidays and are able to bake again this Valentine’s Day by making their own chocolate.  Through these baking class activities this year, it is easy to see how successful the real class would be.  Baking is a good skill and this class could essentially be the modern version of Home Ec.  Students would be able to make real world applications with what they learn in this class.


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