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America the Great

Let’s make America great again.

Let’s take back the economy, and create jobs again for the shrinking middle class.

Let’s lower gasoline prices, and patch up inner-city crime.

We need to revert to policies of the past. There needs to be a focus on people again, a focus on the individualistic side of America, and a focus on what has worked before.

We need to engage in more wars with countries who provoke us, and use “tough talk” to our advantage. That has worked out great in the past, like when we attacked the country of Iraq in 2003 and killed thousands of innocent civilians for a monopoly on oil and other corrupt financial interests. Or when, in that same year, gay people were denied the basic right to get married to their partner in every single state in the US.

We need a 1980’s leader who brings conservative morals back into government. Someone who ignores a giant health epidemic and chooses to not give any funding or aid to a population of young, dying people.

We need to go back to the Eisenhower Administration of hands-off government in the 1950’s in order to promote business and not stifle it… and go back to a time when homosexuality was illegal under law.

We need to mimic the 1940’s, when infrastructure of public projects, roads, and bridges were a huge focus of federal spending again, and when we placed Japanese-Americans into concentration camps for the sole reason of skin color.

Or go back to the lively and roaring 1920’s, when business boomed with hands-off presidents. And when Jim Crow laws rendered African Americans hopeless and fearful, often at the mercy of white supremacy groups who lynched and raped blacks.

We need to create more jobs, like when the railroad boom created economic prosperity for America in the 1800’s. And we need to go back to the habit of trapping women in a imprisoned life of marrying young, churning out children, and being both socially and fiscally dependent on men.

Lastly, we need the economic prosperity of the South before the Civil War, when an entire race of people were treated like animals and were abused, worked, and starved on farms in which they didn’t have a shred of civil rights.

This leads me to wonder: when, exactly, was America ever great?

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  1. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a country without a history of racism and homophobia. By your logic no country is great ever until after World War II, if that. Looking at this logic the first country that had the potential to be great was the Netherlands in 2001 and even then they retain their racist Sinterklaas helper Zwarte Piet. I find it very hard to believe that not a single country was great until the year 2001.

    P.S. The definition of Prosperity is not how Homophobic and Racist you can be.
    successful in material terms; flourishing financially.
    Not how Racist and Homophobic you can be.

  2. Was it really necessary to group stabilizing the economy and helping the middle class with warmongering? Learn how to bait better before connecting general domestic issues with the Iraq War.


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