New Teachers at TL: Richard Cotruvo

Richard Cotruvo teaches P.E. and health at Terra Linda as well as coaching the football team. He has taught for 30 years and TL is one of several high schools he’s taught at.

Cotruvo started coaching football right after graduating high school as an off-campus coach. He wanted to be the head coach, but the principal at the school told he him he had to be on-campus to get the position, so he went to school to get his teaching certification. He began teaching at TL because his contract with his old school ended right as the head football coach position at TL opened.

He majored in history and minored in physical education. He’s taught all sorts of history including government, U.S. history, and religious studies. He always had an affinity for history and believes it to be important to understanding why things are the way they are. Cotruvo has taught at both public and private schools. For the last 20 years he’s mainly taught physical education and health.

TL has more activities than other schools he’s been at as well as having students with lots of different backgrounds. Cotruvo thinks that the students at TL are attentive and, since he teaches mostly freshmen, energetic.

Cotruvo’s goal for the year is to do the best he can with his students and to get them ready for academic life.


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