New Teachers at TL: Lisa Crawford

Lisa Crawford teaches English 9 and Yearbook in room 59. Last year she worked in the English and Math departments, but this year she’s teaching full time. She chose to start full-time this year because the perfect positions for her became available. Crawford teaches English because she believes that language is the gateway to all human knowledge. She teaches yearbook because it’s challenging and brings together different skills like production, photography, and design. Her freshman classes require more structure and teacher guided instruction. She tries to relate what students learn to their lives currently and the people they want to be in the future.

Crawford worked in hospitality and photography before becoming a teacher. She was happy in her first career, but wanted more a challenge that required a wide range of skills and personal growth. School has a different dynamic than office work. Previously she would always work on management teams, so teaching can be isolating in comparison.

She studied at several different schools. For two years she studied in a theater conservatory. She took classes at San Francisco State and Dominican University and got her undergrad in creative writing. She student taught at TL and according to her, “it was destiny”.

Crawford’s goal for the year is to survive. Outside of that she hopes to sharpen her skills and to learn from her students and coworkers. She wants to be back next year teaching the same classes.

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