Do You Have a Green Thumb?




Most students at Terra Linda drive to school, but few students understand the environmental impact that their decision has on the planet.  Driving in a family or personal vehicle is the least fuel efficient way to go to school but still the most popular.  This is actually quite strange, especially in Marin county where people understand the planet needs everyone’s help.  It seems that a number of factors play into the lack of environmental concern when it comes to getting to school and getting home.  Many students around Terra Linda fully understand and accept why they drive to school.  Terra Linda Junior, Joe Archer explains that he only drives to school because, “it’s easy and fits well with my morning routine.”  He goes on to say that, “it is hard to think about such a large scale problem in the middle of my busy mornings.”  He brings up a point that many can agree with.  During the morning rush, nearly everyone is much more focused on getting where they need to be rather than how getting there will affect the future.  This is where the age old saying of “every little bit counts” comes in.  Every person that can take a more fuel efficient way to school is helping.  Every year Terra Linda participates in a safe routes to school survey.  Last year the percent of people in a family vehicle was 59%.  The other 41% was spread out between the six other categories.  With driving a personal vehicle being so dominant, something needs to change.  The first step starts with the students.  Riding a bike, walking or even carpooling is a step in the right direction and all students should consider it.  The planet needs us to take care of it and that starts with you.

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