Terra Linda Mock Election

Every four years the United States elects a president, at the same time, Terra Linda High School students elect a president in the mock election.  High schools around the country participate in the mock election, treating it as a real one. Scattered around Terra Linda are numerous posters promoting different propositions that students want you to vote on.  The mock election is useful in many ways: it mostly does a good job of showing young adults how the voting system works.  As Terra Linda Junior, Deven Lyons states, “I really enjoy learning about presidential elections in a fun way.  Deven and many of his peers alike benefit greatly from simply filling out a ballot form.” He goes on to say, “Mock elections teach kids how to become educated voters.”  The mock election also creates a sense of power for those who cannot legally vote yet.  It provides a voice for all people under the age of 18.  Lyons says, “because the high school mock election is done on a global scale, I feel that my vote matters.”  This is a common feeling throughout Terra Linda especially in such a unique election.  In many ways the Mock Election is very similar to real world politics: there are Donald Trump supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters among the campus.  This causes for high tensions within the Terra Linda election.  Post election, Hillary came out on top with an overwhelming 691 votes to Trump’s measly 92.  The students around Terra Linda had lots to say about their decisions.  Nina Mazbar, one of the many Hillary supporters, stated that “Hilary supports most of her beliefs and it would be cool to have a woman as president.”  She also believes that the mock election provides an idea of what voting is like for kids.  Students benefit greatly in many different ways from the mock election.  They gain election experience as well as learn how to become informed successful voters.

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