TL Student to Visit Bosnia

Earlier this year TL student Ben Blum was accepted into the Kennedy-Lugar youth exchange and study abroad program. The purpose of the study abroad program is to send “promising young students” to foreign countries for a school year, to serve as “cultural ambassadors”. Students accepted into this program will live with a Muslim host family. Blum is one of 65 out of 1,000 U.S. students accepted into the program.

This is not Blum’s first challenge, while in eighth grade he produced a seven minute long documentary titled “Data Obsession” detailing the NSA’s government surveillance programs. This video won a competition put forth by C-SPAN earning him $1,500.  

Blum leaves in August when he will begin his studies at an international high school in Sarajevo the country’s capital. Although it is possible that Blum’s host family will not speak English, it is certain that his classes will be taught in English. Classes taught as part of this program are equivalent to advanced placement classes in the U.S.

Blum says that “it will be interesting to see another countries perceptions of Americans, especially with the current state of our elections.” As for concerns about his upcoming journey Blum says “the language barrier will be difficult. I have started memorizing a few phrases.” No matter the language obstacle Blum says that “I’m excited to travel and see a new part of the world.” 


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