Contacts vs. Glasses

Some people will do anything for vanity. For these individuals, their appearance is worth the time and struggle it took to make them look that way. I am not one of these people. For me, comfort is a priority. Which is why, in my opinion, glasses are a much better option than contacts. While each option may have its advantages, I believe that glasses are the better choice.

Contact enthusiasts will argue that contacts not only make the wearer look nice, but prove to be less of a distraction than glasses, and require very little maintenance. One of their main arguments is that contacts just generally look nicer. Contacts provide a more natural look than glasses. Another central argument for those that favor contacts over glasses is that contacts are less distracting than glasses. To contact wearers, glasses get in the way. The constant awareness of the glasses’ frame in the wearer’s peripheral vision is seen as a large distraction.The final argument  posed by contact wearers is that glasses just require too much maintenance, that glasses need to be cleaned everyday, kept in a special case, and constantly defogged.This may not seem like a lot of work, however, to the average contact wearer, it is not worth the trouble.

Despite all the negatives associated with glasses, I still believe they are the better choice. Glasses provide a level of comfort and ease that contacts cannot, and are great time savers. While it is true that contacts provide a natural look, glasses are often seen as more stylish and can easily be customizable. Glasses can also be made to match what the individual is wearing. Contact wearers will bring up the constant distraction of glasses . However, what is actually far more distracting is having to stop whatever you’re doing and run to a mirror when a contact accidentally folds over or tears. Not only is this a common occurrence for contacts, but it is also extremely painful. The last argument contact wearers often pose is that glasses are high maintenance; this simply isn’t true. Anyone who has ever tried both will understand that contacts are in fact way more work. Just to be able to wear contacts one must go through a 30-45 minute training class. Even after the training course, contacts still need to be constantly cleaned, and replaced every month. Contacts, overall prove to be a lot more work than glasses.

While it is evident that both glasses and contacts have advantages, glasses are the best choice. Glasses save time and provide comfort that contacts cannot, and add a sense of style that is not possible with contacts. The perks that glasses present make them superior to contacts in every sense.


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