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Q&A with Hosts of “The Sports Market”

Ryan Morris and Nik Gable are hosts of the famed YouTube channel, “The Sports Market.” In their show, Morris and Gable talk everything sports, from NCAA Basketball to local sports in the Terra Linda community. I had the chance to sit down with the hosts and talk about what started “The Sports Market” and what they expect in the foreseeable future.


Q: What inspired you guys to start the show?

Gable: We had a blog already and we thought, maybe we should take this to YouTube.

Morris: Yeah, we just wanted to get creative with our blog and kinda distinguish it from other blogs.

Q: What was the birth of the YouTube channel?

Morris: Well, we originally wanted to do vlogs that we put on the blogs, but we decided it would be easier to start a YouTube channel.

Q: I noticed on every show you guys also eat, why did you decide to incorporate that element?

Gable: Since it’s called the “Sports Market”, we just started eating cause of the “Market” part.

Morris: Yeah, and we just randomly came up with that name, and we just stuck to eating.

Q: Why did you decide to have a twitter feed so people could ask questions?

Gable: We just had to get it out there, and it was so we could answer questions people had that we might not remember later, and it was just a great idea to use social media as a tool.

Q: And who runs your social media pages?

Morris: We hired a couple interns to run our social media because we can’t control all our fans.

Q: So who else is part of the Sports Market staff?

Gable: Our main intern is Isaac Guice.

Morris: We also have some unpaid interns, our filmer Roddy Marshall and our stage director/correspondent, TJ Carhart.  

Q: Do you come up with the things you talk about on the spot or is there some thought put into it?

Gable: We have planning on Monday and Tuesday we come out with a video. Wednesday we plan again and Thursday, another video.

Q: So with most shows like this and Youtube videos there are bound to be some haters, how do you guys deal with the haters?

Morris: You just have to block it out or let it motivate you. In life there are haters and they just hate cause they ain’t you

Q: What are your views for the future of the show?

Gable: We’d like to see some growth; what we’d like to see is someone tells their parents about the show and just more and more people start watching. So just getting people to watch who we don’t know.

Morris: I agree, and most of our viewers are in the Terra Linda area and we just want to see that expand.

Q: That’s great, why is it you do what you do?

Gable: To entertain and give our sports knowledge.

Morris: I’d say it’s to educate.

Q: So I’ve watched the show and I wanted to ask about your trademark “Dingus of the Day” and what made you think of that?

Morris: Yeah, I was watching this show called the breakfast club and they have this guy who has thing thing called the “Donkey of the Day” and so I was like why don’t we do something like that, and then my friend Roddy said “why don’t we just call it ‘Dingus of the Day.’”
Those interested in The Sports Market can tune in on Tuesdays and Thursdays @The SportsMarket on Youtube. Questions can be submitted to Instagram @sportsmarketshow and Twitter @sports_market25


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