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Pokemon Problems

As a child I enjoyed watching and playing Pokemon with my brother. Times were simple, only about 350 Pokemon existed, and I was happy. The original 150 Pokemon were almost perfect, held back by a few ridiculous ones. But now in the newer generations, ridiculous Pokemon are very common.

The original 151 were comprised of some animal like Pokemon and some plant inspired ones, a good baseline to start the franchise. The set also included rock looking Pokemon which isn’t the most creative but they needed to satisfy the role. I’ll start from least ridiculous to the most, Voltorb and Electrode. These two are literally pokeballs without the black band around the center, and the difference between them is a color switch from top to bottom. Following them, are another duo, Grimer and Muk. Composed of purple slime these Pokemon are just the “grime” from a factory. They aren’t the most ridiculous because this toxic background does fit well in the poison type. The most ridiculous of the originals though has to be, Exeggcute, literally a pile of eggs. The description of this Pokemon is “This Pokemon consists of six eggs that form a closely knit cluster.” But these aren’t even close to the atrocities that have recently risen.

The new generations of Pokemon are quite literally human food or household furniture. Vanillite, this little guy is an ice cream cone. It evolves into a larger ice cream cone(Vanillish) and then an even larger one with two scoops(Vanilluxe). My only question is why? I don’t wanna fight an ice cream cone, I can’t eat it because it’s alive, and it’s not even strong. Maybe a developer loves vanilla ice cream and somehow snuck an actual ice cream cone into the lineup. Let’s continue though, Klink, Klang, and Klinklang, they are gears. The first evolution is one gear, followed by two and three, respectively. Maybe the person who designed this is a watchmaker, but they would have probably just made a watch Pokemon instead. On to the household items, Litwick the candle, Lampant the lamp, and Chandelure the chandelier. This is just crazy, literally it’s just the evolution of lighting in households. Although awesome new Pokemon are still being made these ones just make me confused. You can even catch a Klefki, also known as a keychain. You might say all these Pokemon are garbage but they aren’t, Garbodor is a literal pile of garbage Pokemon. I don’t see the appeal in catching and training a smelly pile of garbage. This is a slap in the face of old Pokemon lovers.

I wouldn’t say i’m angry at these new Pokemon, but I would say that I am disappointed. The childlike magic of dragons and super sharks is just not the same when a couch could soon be a Pokemon. The future of Pokemon is bright with a new smartphone game coming out and successful TV shows, all i’m asking is to please not make a car Pokemon.


  1. OK, genwunner trash. You mad about the ice cream cone? How about Magneton, which is just three magnemite stuck together? O Grimer and Muk, which are just differently shaped piles of sludge? Or maybe Voltorb and Electeode, which are just bicolored spheres flipped upside-down.

    Every generation has it’s bad Pokemon, and every generation has it’c good ones. It has nothing to do with “new” or “old.” For example, generation 1 had Charizard, gen 2 had Suicune, gen 3 had Mightyena, gen 4 had Lucario, gen 5 had Zoroark and gen 6 had Greninja. And of course there were dumb looking pokemon along the way, but that’s just the way it is.

    Don’t use “new” games as a scapegoat for your own personal lack of interest and contentment when you haven’t even bothered playing any of the new games all the way through. The truth is it has nothing to do with that.

  2. I agree there are a lot of ridiculous Pokemon. THANK YOU SHAUN FOR WRITING A POKEMON ARTICLE. However there have always been ridiculous pokemon like Unknown. UNKNOWN IS LITERRALY THE ALPHABET. THE ALPHABET WAS MADE INTO A POKEMON WITH LIKE 30 FORMS! You have to consider how the new games have made awesome pokemon. Hydreigon, Trevanant, Tyrantrum, Haxorus, Gallade, Gardevoir, Gyratina, Garchomp, Volcarona, BRAVIARY, Golurk, Excavalier, Creselia, and so many more have come from new generations. Every generation brings bad pokemon but every generation also creates amazing ones. I have to agree with Kodo you are a Genwunner and people need to realize that every generation is awesome. They even revitalized old pokemon with mega evolutions which btw is so much cooler than anything gen 3-5 did. Don’t hate on Pokemon just cause you were a child and played a couple generations then stopped.


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