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My mom won’t let me dye my hair the way I want. I want to dye it with red or purple but she said that it’s for crazy people. I want to be myself and dying my hair makes me feel like an individual. Why doesn’t she want me to dye my hair?

It’s obvious that you’re looking to break free from the reins your mother holds over you, and your mother doesn’t want to let go. I could go on about how you’re possibly still a minor and have to do as your mom instructs, but being an individual and finding the person you want to be is crucial. Your individuality is worth a lot and if dying your hair red and purple is what makes you feel like yourself, then do it. But if you only want to dye your hair in order to prove a point to your mom then don’t. There are other ways and other things you can do in order to feel like an individual and not have your mom get angry with you. Join clubs you are interested in, be more expressive in the clothing you wear, let your personality shine through. If that still isn’t enough and dying your hair is what will truly make you feel like an individual, sit down and have a talk with your mother, she’s probably just scared of having you make decisions she’s not used to.

P.S. Don’t let anyone tell you that something you want is for crazy people.


My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up and I don’t know what to give her. I want her to never forget the evening. Do you have any ideas?

There are plenty gifts  you could get for your girlfriend, but it really all comes down to what your girlfriend is like. Is she into sports? Which is her favorite? Does she like to listen to music? What genre does she listen to most and what is her favorite band? Does she talk a lot about her childhood? Has she ever mentioned something she’s always wanted? There are many things to consider and that makes it extremely hard to choose the right gift for her. But the right gift is one that shows you really thought about her.

Your gift doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. You could take her out and buy her lunch or  dinner. You could also make her a mix-tape of her favorite songs or songs that remind you of her. Make her something, anything. She will love it because you gave it to her. These are just some ideas, hopefully you’ll have a better time choosing a gift for your girlfriend and happy birthday to her.


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