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Donald Trump, Sweeping The States

On Tuesday, February 9 Donald Trump managed to win the New Hampshire primary, harnessing votes from Republican working-class citizens. The astounding win for Trump struck joy into supporters and fear into the greater Republican community.

Polls held by the New York Times showed Trump pulling support from voters concerned with the “threat of illegal immigrants” as well as “the threat of an imminent terrorist attack on the United States.” With over 80 percent of registered voters turning out to the poles, Trump received 35 percent of the vote while Bernie Sanders rallied his supporters to amass more than 60 percent.
But Trump did not stop with New Hampshire. He moved on to win Primaries in both South Carolina and Nevada. Shortly after Trump’s commanding victory in South Carolina, Jeb Bush the brother of former president George Bush, withdrew from the race, saying that it is crucial for the next president to govern with “honor and decency.” With Trump’s recent sweeping win in the “Super Tuesday” elections, it seems as if Trump could become the next new republican candidate for president.      


  1. I’d love to see more details of how Trump won exactly, but the article was concise and good overall.

  2. Donald Trump will destroy america. I hope he does not get elected. This article was a good short piece on how trump is doing. I liked it.

  3. I’m glad Donald Trump has finally been addressed. However, I would really like to read an article that talks about how absurd it is that Trump is currently the front runner for the republican nomination.


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