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A great year for the Mock Trial team

Over the weekend, Terra Linda’s own Mock Trial team returned to the finals against Tamalpais High School for the county competition in the courthouse located in the Marin Civic Center. In this competition, everything is setup like a real trial, the students act as lawyers and witnesses, and deliver evidence to real lawyers who are the jury. In addition, a real judge rules on the case and objections made throughout the course of the trial. Up to the point when the winner was announced, tensions were high and members of the Tam team were in tears not knowing if they would actually win. The final score came down to a small difference of points with Terra Linda’s Defense team losing with a score of 255.5 points to 247.5 points in the courtroom and the Prosecution team losing 261.5 to 258 point in another. Nonetheless, many mock trial members affirm that it was a great season. Junior, Nathan Kertz believes, “it was a great experience and it’s great that we had the chance to face [Tam] this year since we didn’t make it to the finals last year.” When asked whether he and his team were disappointed about not making it to the state competition, Ketz said, “not really, I think we were all kinda relieved that we didn’t have like another six weeks of practice. It’s just great to see how far we’ve come just practicing two days a week.” The coaches and students could not be more proud of their accomplishments and their ability to rise to the occasion. Maybe next year will be the year that the Trojans finally conquer Tam.

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