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Dad Hats: The Parental Journey

The new trend storming the country is hats. Not just any hats though, but specifically, dad hats. You may be wondering what a dad hat is, or what qualifies as a dad hat? Being a leading informant and collector of dad hats, I am here to inform and help you on your journey to looking responsible.

First, we will start with what a dad hat is and how to tell if a hat qualifies as a member of such an honorable part of the hat community. First, a dad hat does not need to come directly from your dad. This is a misleading stereotype. Also no snap-backs can be considered dad hats; this is unacceptable. Dad hats in the community are defined by obscure producing companies, strange logos, old style sports hats, and any hat which you can find dad wearing at his kids sports game, golf course, or bay club wearing.

This wave of style has been ushered in by a few select celebrities who can pull off the parental look. Big names like Tyga, Rhianna, Kylie Jenner and the original, Ashton Kutcher, have been seen sporting the dad hat look. Also, the look is timeless because everyone has a dad hat hidden somewhere in the depths of their closet, or has had one passed down from their own father.

You can find dad hats in many places but some of the most reliable and cheapest places are a lot closer than you might think. A great reservoir of dad hats would be garage sales and yard sales: You’ll find some rare ones here, ranging from the mesh John Deer all the way to the old orange and blue 76 hats. A weekday option would be Goodwill. The hats here are cheap, usually less than $3.00, and you can find more modern ones in their collection, such as a “Google Checkout Team” hat I found for $.99.  

In conclusion, dad hats are cheap, easy, and stylish while providing shelter from the rain in this El Niño year. They go great with jeans and a sweater and add a cover piece for your head. Now get out there and find some dad hats.


  1. This is a very interesting topic. I did not realize how much dad hats were in style. I really enjoyed that you used real life examples by using celebrities to get your point across. It makes your argument of dad hats being popular sound more true. Maybe you could have used statistics from around the school, but overall this was a good article.


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