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Why is college so expensive in America?

College in America is expensive because, well, it’s expensive to run. Colleges that are expensive have nice classrooms and resources for students to use. They also provide more activities and funding to clubs. College is becoming more expensive every year, and that’s probably because there are renovations and advances in technology happening all the time. The money needs to come from somewhere.


How can we as a student body make Terra Linda a better school?

 The answer is simple: school spirit. In order to make Terra Linda a better school, there needs to be more school spirit within the student body. Sure our school is very supportive of our sports and there is usually a good turn out at football games, basketball games, and plays, but there isn’t a lot of support at our school rallies. I hear a lot of negativity coming from students about how our rallies “suck” but really. what sucks is that attitude. ASB puts in a lot of effort into making them as fun as possible for all of us and the least we could do is be as supportive as we can. Terra Linda has a lot of great things and we just need to focus in on the positive and have more school spirit.


Let’s say a man wanted a car that can go 60 miles per hour. He finally saves enough allowance from his mom, so he gets the car. If he is going 60mph, how long will it take him to drive for 1 mile?

At first I was confused by this question. Initially I had thought that I was supposed to look for how far he traveled in an hour and thought, “the answer is obviously 60,” but then I looked closer at the question and realized that I needed to find the x amount of time it took to travel a mile. I tried a proportion, converting miles to feet, which got me nowhere, and then I noticed that I already had the answer, it was staring right at me; it took this man ONE MINUTE to travel one mile. Sixty miles per hour is the equivalent to one mile traveled per minute that goes by, and there are 60 minutes in an hour. This was so easy it was hard. Thank you for that.



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