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LGBTQ Rights Update

LGBTQ Rights Update

October 19, 2017

Indigenous Peoples´ Day

Indigenous Peoples´ Day

October 19, 2017

Terra Linda Fights Alongside the Canal Alliance

Athena Diamantidis, Contributor

June 7, 2017

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Several Terra Linda students teamed up with the Canal Alliance to go to Sacramento to lobby for undocumented immigrant rights on May 15. Among these students was junior Josseline Chay. “We went to talk to government representa...

Swimming at TL: Wrap Up

June 6, 2017

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  The Terra Linda swim team was able to return this year and knock out another solid season.  The achievements accomplished as a team are sometimes overshadowed due to the amount of talent of the individuals. Nonetheless, everyone was ...

Travis Scott: New World Record Holder

Will Hansell

June 5, 2017

Filed under A & E, Showcase

Two of the greatest rappers of our generation, Jay Z and Kanye West, were not only platinum selling artists that changed the way rap and hip hop were perceived in the music industry,; they were also world record holders. Back in 2012, during their Euro...

Meet a Trojan: Natasha Saccardi

June 2, 2017

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What’s your name? Natasha Saccardi What grade are you in here at TL? 11th grade What’s your favorite movie? The Truman Show What’s your favorite band or artist? The Shins Favorite Song? “Just What...

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