The Talent Was Jittering!

As many of you may have heard, Jitters pt. 2 was on April, 5th, 2017. For those of you who might not know, Jitters is a spontaneous talent show. Anyone who wants can just ask to go up on stage and do whatever they think is funny, amazing, or simply entertaining. Due to of the price increase, this semester I was intrigued because I thought, “What could possibly make this semester’s Jitters better than last’s?”. Some of the acts last semester were questionable, the same people repeatedly went up and it didn’t seem worth my time. Not to mention the extra couple of bucks to go in this year, I thought was unreasonable because last semester most people had to sit on the floor and listen to sometimes irrational bursts of noise. Nevertheless, I went.

As I walked into the cafeteria, it was the same: a feeling of disappointment flowed through my body. I almost had the slight urge to leave, but then the favored Ryan Corr began talking. It doesn’t really matter what this sophomore says, his presentation and body language could make even the explanation of Scientology entertaining. As I sat down, Jessica Chung and Josh Adan decided to make their act, “Questions About Starbucks,” which consisted of  people from the crowd asking them random questions about Starbucks. One audience member  asked, “Why do you guys always put too much ice in the iced coffees?” Josh took her question in stride and replied with, “Because girl you need to chill!” His response got the crowd engaged and even made a few laugh.  I could tell that this was the start of something truly entertaining.

Swiftly after Josh and Jess’ act, Gary Gracia stepped up to the piano to play some keys. Even though he went up there for about two minutes, three times throughout the night, I was left wondering if he really knew how to play piano or not. When he played it sounded like a hybrid between good, and random.  The world may never know.

Jamie Cope, sophomore here a TL, stunned the cafeteria with her voice. She sang two songs that night, both sounding like she came from the land of milk and honey. It wasn’t only amazing how she sang, but also what she sang. “Stay” by Rihanna was a highlight, showcasing her vocal range through the demure quiet personality of the song.

After a request for anybody who could play piano to come up, Matt Peters stepped up to the stage. In three words, I would describe his act as “out of place”. It sounded like he put his fingers anywhere and just started to press the keys with no real song or piece in mind. I would say it was not pleasing to hear and not very good; I’m not sure if it was intended to be either. I don’t think of myself as a piano playing expert, but I think I know what corresponding music sounds like. Later, Sofia Robinson and Zoë Croak came up to the stage to play piano together in tandem. It was a nice refresher to hear a full song from them and made the crowd clap and cheer in excitement. I have no complaints from their performance; it was really good.

Dylan Johnson and guitarist, Josiah Whalen, sang three songs and I am so happy they did. It was really cool that they went up there together, considering the fact that Dylan was the first freshman of the night to present some entertainment to the crowd at Jitters. They gave an amazing, wonderful, and mood boosting performance.

The night was fun and alive. I would recommend and encourage students to go to Jitters next year. Due to the spontaneous nature of the show, results may vary from one Jitters performance to the next, but it’s a good place to meet new people and just hang out. You may be surprised by the secret talent hidden in the Terra Linda halls.

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