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Runners jogging

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Benefits of Exercising

December 2, 2016

  Exercising is something as simple as walking or as complicated as the Ironman Triathlon (a race that requires a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride,and 26.22 mile run). Whatever you do to exercise, it is a known fact that constant exercising controls weight. Many students here at TL participate in some type of exercise, although not many know that exercise can boost self esteem. Exercising elevates a person’s perception of their attractiveness or self worth. The time someone takes to improve themselves helps them learn some self-love and care.

  Tough workouts increase levels of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) throughout the body, which is believed to help with decision making and higher learning. Cardiovascular exercise like running, swimming, and even dancing creates new brain cells through growth and development of nervous tissue that improves overall brain performance. When you exercise your body you are also exercising you mind. In this way, exercising helps treat depression.

   In a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, 156 men and women were divided into three groups. Group one was was part of an aerobic exercise program. Group two took Zoloft (a prescription drug used to treat depression), and group three took both. In 16 weeks depression had seemed to ease in all three groups. Most importantly, the study shows that 60%-70% of all the patients were no longer majorly depressed. This was because of the dopamine released in their brain from exercising and/or from the medicine they received.  Exercising is a great alternative to treat depression in teens and young adults; the patients who exercised had longer lasting effects and were less likely to be depressed again.

   Here is some advice on how to include exercise in your life:

  Use Your Time Wisely

   If you have P.E., use that time and work hard to get that workout in since you may not have time later. Also, if you play a sport or any other physical extracurricular activity, try not to skip it just because you’re not in the mood; go anyway and do it for yourself, you will feel better about it later.


   Do some spinning (indoor cycling) while you watch your favorite TV show. Hang out with friends and take a hike at Cataract Falls or go to the gym together. Instead of walking your dog run with your dog, it will not only benefit you but them as well.

  Have Fun with It

   Don’t just run laps around the track, go to the beach and run there. Go to new places with your friends. Do some yoga on paddle boards, or some weight exercises at the top of Mount Tam. Go rollerblading to the store or bicycle riding through Sausalito. Whatever you do enjoy it so that you want to keep going. Don’t forget to reward yourself!

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