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Is Spectre the greatest Bond film yet?

   Spectre is the latest movie in the long running James Bond Franchise. This is the 24th overall film but the 4th film with Daniel Craig as the titular character. As a fan who as seen the majority of these films before Craig’s appearance, the last four movies have been some of the very best in the franchise.

       Before the release of Spectre, Daniel Craig stated this would be his last appearance as James Bond. As a result expectations for this movie were set high. After the release of Skyfall it would be hard for Spectre to follow in its footsteps. After production issues and the Sony leak that revealed Spectre had gone way over budget, people grew worried. However despite these setbacks, Spectre turned out to be a very good conclusion to the Daniel Craig era. But never say never; we might just see another Craig Bond movie if the price is right.

       Spectre revolves around James Bond, a secret agent for Britain’s clandestine secret service, MI-6. Bond goes  rogue after a very intense Mexico City based opening sequence, where a number of buildings are destroyed after Bond attempts to apprehend a man named Marco Sciarra. Bond embarks on a quest to find the head of an evil organization named Spectre. Later in the movie Bond infiltrates this organization, but is compromised by a mysterious man who is kept hidden from the audience. Once again Bond goes on the run and finds an old member of Spectre in hiding. Bond is tasked with protecting the former member’s  daughter, Dr. Madeleine Swann, but once he finds her, she is kidnapped. After saving her, they go to the headquarters of the Spectre organization and meet the head of Spectre, named Franz Oberhauser or Ernst Stavro Blofeld his new alias. It is also revealed that Blofeld is Bond’s step brother and after a climactic battle in the end, Blofeld is arrested and Bond leaves the agency to be with Madeleine Swann.
      I did enjoy this movie and found it very entertaining.However, it was very action driven and may not be for everyone. There was very little background for Bond’s past and his association with Blofeld.  I also felt that Christoph Waltz was underused as Blofeld and could have could have had a bigger presence throughout the movie, instead of packing him in the back end. Despite this, Christoph Waltz delivers a riveting performance. The last scene was a cliche with Bond and Swann driving off into the sunset after deciding not to kill Blofeld. Despite the movie being anticlimactic with the Bond and Blofeld confrontation, the movie wrapped up quite nicely and also left the door open for Daniel Craig’s possible return.


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