1 in 1200: Heather De Leon


The Voice: What’s your name?

A: Heather De Leon.

TV: What grade are you in here at TL?

HD: Junior year.

TV: What’s your favorite class here at TL? Why?

HD: My favorite class at TL is Math, because I’m actually thinking. I’m good at it, and my teacher is a really good teacher who teaches the subject well.

TV: Who’s your favorite teacher? Why?

HD: Ms. Reid is my favorite teacher because she teaches well and if I ever need extra help on anything she can help and explain it in depth. She also has no problem taking time out of school to help others, and the class is always enjoyable.

TV: If you could change one thing about TL what would it be? Why?

HD: I want to see Caucasians being more open to the English learners at TL. It’s a really big problem at TL that not many people notice and the English learners are really isolated at TL.

TV: What’s your favorite movie? Why?

HD: Perfect Guy is my favorite movie. It’s about a woman wanting a perfect guy, and it’s my favorite because it’s true in life. You will never find anyone perfect in life, and there will always be pros and cons.

TV: Would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet?

HD: Hands for feet because I don’t like feet, they disgust me! I don’t even touch my own feet.

TV: What’s one thing you want to achieve while attending TL?

HD: I really hope to get a 4.0 and how I plan on doing so is  by being willing to ask the teacher something even if I don’t understand it. I don’t care if I look dumb or stupid, I just want to get good grades.

TV: What are your plans once you graduate TL?

HD: I plan to get into a four year college, and hopefully go to CSU Channel Islands because it’s not only beautiful, but it’s also diverse.

TV: If you could have any fiction character be your college roommate for four years who would it be and why?

HD: Pocahontas, because she seems like a brave fiction character. I would have her as a roommate because she seemed to be open to others, new ideas, and different religions, and that something I look for it a roommate.

TV:  What’s your dream career?

HD: My dream career is to be in business because I’m competitive, good at convincing others, hard working, and good at getting what I want.

TV: What separates you from every other kid at TL?

HD: I have dramatically changed from freshman to sophomore year. I went from a potential dropout student, to a student that’s taking AP classes.

TV: Do you like TL, why or why not?

HD: I like Terra Linda because there are many teachers that actually go beyond teaching, and they’re actually there for you as a friend. Something that is very hard to obtain at other public schools.

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