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What’s your name?

My name is Kirsten! Annell!


What grade are you in here at TL?

12, I’m a senior.


What’s your favorite class here at TL? Why?

Drama. I’ve taken it since my freshman year, I’m a drama kid. I love it because it’s a great creative outlet, and I love all the people I meet through it.


Who’s your favorite teacher? Why?

Mrs. Else. She is the most concise, intelligent, and helpful woman I’ve ever met.


If you could change one thing about TL what would it be? Why?

The dress code. And let me explain myself with the dress code. I don’t have a problem with order and expectations of our apparel, I understand that. I understand there needs to be an “air of respect,” however, what they’ve said about implementing the dress code is what I have a problem with. If, for example, a girl is wearing, let’s say, spaghetti straps, then she has to be sent home to change if she doesn’t have anything to cover it. Which shows that they’re saying that a person’s education is less important than making sure to stop “distracting the males around you.”


What’s your favorite movie? Why?

Oh, that’s tough for me! My favorite movie? Probably either Legally Blonde or Pulp Fiction. I know those are complete opposites, but I really like the format and cinematography in Pulp Fiction.  I could watch it over and over again. And Legally Blonde just holds a special place in my heart. I’m blonde! She is too. And there’s the stereotype of “dumb blonde” but you know what? She had a chihuahua and she went to Harvard. That’s what I’m modeling my life over.


What’s your favorite band or artist? Why?

Oh, you should have prepared me for this! These questions are so tough. Probably, oh I don’t know, probably Florence and the Machine.


Would you rather be a fish that can fly or a bird that can swim?

A bird definitely, I like birds more because they’re graceful.


What’s better: Ice cream or cake?

Ice cream cake.


Coke or Pepsi? Do you think there’s a difference?

Coke. Of course there’s a difference! I just really don’t like Pepsi’s after taste.


What celebrity would you want to meet? Why?

I think Malala Yousafzai. She’s really inspirational. She’s just this feminist icon that inspires lots of girls and women.


What’s one thing you want to achieve while attending TL?

I think I just want to be able to use my years wisely. Help myself determine who I am and  what I want to do with my life. What are my goals? I want to shape myself as a person and build character.


What’s your dream career?

It’s big! But I want to be an intelligence analyst for the US Navy. It’s a massive goal, I know. But it’s what I want.


Tell me something you think is important for us to know about you.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.


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