How You Love Based On Venus Sign


Kailyn Story

Every person is born with a natal chart, which can be determined using their birth date, location, and time. On the day you were born, each planet transits an astrological constellation. The planets represent specific areas of consciousness: your sign is a theme that occupies an area of consciousness. For example, the sun represents identity, the moon is the emotional body, and venus shows interpersonal relationship needs. 


Aries Venus– A person with their venus sign in Aries will be upfront and direct when flirting. This sign is all about action, and won’t have any issue jumping right into love. However, due to the quickness and intensity of their sign, feelings can burn bright and fast. This doesn’t always mean that they will lose interest, but it is common for Aries Venus to need to dial down and regain their space,  just to return as passionate as before. This venus sign needs a partner whom they can share their boundless, playful energy with. It is also important for their partner to be very understanding. Since Aries Venus needs acceptance of their chaotic energy and competitiveness. A strong character in love, is to be expected.


Taurus Venus– Taurus is well known for its need for safety and security. They prefer to move slowly, relying on practicality and good judgement. Because Taurus is a fixed sign, once they let someone in, they would rather tough things out instead of having to start anew. They are a very sensual sign, so their main form of showing affection is through physical touch. This Venus Sign needs a partner who is down to earth and willing to spend quality time with them. 


Gemini Venus– People with their Venus in Gemini are known for their friendly, flirtatious nature. Communication is very important to them, and they have a unique way with words. Long discussions are a Gemini Venus’ way to bond with their partner. Due to their vulnerability, people with this sign will be prone to switch their personal interests or relationships. It is important for their partner to be dynamic and free-spirited to keep up with a Gemini Venus’ changing interests.


Cancer Venus– This is perhaps one of the most sensitive Venus signs, as love is important to them. A person with this venus sign is looking for someone who they can securely be devoted to. Acts of comfort and kindness are their default; they want their loved ones to feel pampered and cared for. A Cancer Venus will be happy to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, and may even validate them above their own. However, they fear abandonment. It is important for them to have a partner who will offer security and emotional engagement.  They appreciate quality time spent with their partner, dependability, and receiving appreciation for their efforts. When upset, they can sometimes retreat into their shell and resort to silent treatments, but a little TLC will usually help coax them out of it.


Leo Venus– Leo Venus are exceptional when it comes to generosity and warmth. Giving and receiving attention is very important to them, and they find courting and being courted to be enjoyable. Expect them to show interest through gift giving, showering compliments, and showing an abundance of attention towards their love interest. Like a lion, devotion and loyalty is very important to them, and they will expect this from a partner. It is important that their partner demonstrate how special they are to them. A Venus in Leo will want a relationship they can feel proud of. They need someone who is willing to rule by their side and give support as well as admiration, which they will return to their partner just as enthusiastically. 


Virgo Venus– A Virgo Venus cares about loyalty and you will most likely find willingness and dedication. While they may not be as flashy or flirtatious as other signs, they are extremely compassionate and attentive. This placement will want to help you solve your problems, and will have no problem offering a listening ear. Getting to know a partner is important to them, so they may be cautious before allowing someone into their heart. This Venus sign knows what they want, so they expect the object of their affection to fall into those categories. Once you’ve won them over, they will show their love through acts of service, offering a helping hand, and paying detailed attention to their partners wants, needs, and lifestyle. It is important for a Virgo Venus’ partner to appreciate all the ways they help their loved ones, and understand that their reserved persona comes from their deep insecurities. They need someone who can remind them that they are perfect and can show the same level of compassion as they do. 


Libra Venus- This sign is known as the “I love” love sign. People born under this Venus sign are known to be very flirtatious, and may seem as though they are always caught up in some sort of fling. Personal appearance is very important to them, so you can expect a Libra Venus to have a good sense of style and be attracted to those who put effort into their presentation. They aren’t only superficial; a Libra Venus will prioritise understanding their partner, and will always want to be on the same page. They don’t like confrontation, so they may choose to default to their partner’s needs and feel resentful later. Libra is represented by the scales, so it is important that they practice balance in their relationship or things can become distorted. It is important for people born under this venus sign to have a level-headed partner that can ground them, but who still enjoys showing romantic displays of affection. They will also appreciate a partner who enjoys romantic dates and treating their partner.


Scorpio Venus– Scorpio Venus is potentially the most intense of all the Venus signs. Their love runs extremely deep, and they are very dedicated to the person they love. They want to explore everything about their partner so that they can merge completely. Loyalty and possession is very important to them. Conversely, a person with this venus sign may feel the need to control their partner if they do not practice healthy boundaries. Another thing to watch for in  Scorpio Venus is a tendency to take things to extremes. It is important that they have a partner who is as devoted as they are, and who is not intimidated by their emotional intensity. Expect an “always & forever” relationship with someone born under this Venus sign.


Sagittarius Venus– This Venus sign placement has a reputation for being non-commital, but the truth is that people born under this venus sign need a lot of room in their relationships. This sign is all about growth, and feeling stuck is something they fear. In order to feel comfortable in love, they need the ability to feel adventurous, as though they are learning new things through their partnership. They will show someone love through teaching a loved one how they see the world. Expect lighthearted fun filled with laughs. This is a partner who won’t be judgemental, but rather will appreciate the way someone stands out. It is important their partner to do the same, as they don’t take well to having their beliefs criticized. 


Capricorn Venus– Being Saturn ruled, this Venus sign may experience a lot of restrictions when it comes to love matters. They feel a need to keep their romantic feelings to themselves, and showing displays of affection may be more on the down low. Capricorn Venuses prefer to take a slower approach when it comes to relationships as they like to be practical and are looking for long term stability. Once they decide to enter a commitment, they will take it to heart. You can expect reliability when dating someone born under this sign, and they will want to find someone they can live out the rest of their days with. They show love being extremely practical. Capricorn Venuses are attracted to goal oriented types who have a homely sense about them and enjoy quiet time. It is common for people with this venus sign to end up with someone who is much older.


Aquarius Venus– This Venus sign has a reputation for being detached when it comes to relationships. It isn’t that people with an Aquarius Venus don’t have feelings, they just have a more rationalized way of expressing them. They believe affection is shown through appreciation for their intellect, as they value mental stimulus over traditionally romantic love gestures and they want a partner who will admire their ideas and can recognize how unique they are. These are some of the most open minded and free spirited people out there. You can find a lot of understanding from a partnership with them. It is also common for them to be attracted to people who stand out from the rest of the crowd, and will find themselves with unconventional relationship dynamics. Any kind of restriction will turn them off, because freedom is what they value the most. They may expect the relationship to operate on their terms. If a person is clingy or controlling, you can expect them to most likely disappear. They may be impartial to situations and people who are very emotional, and can come across as cold hearted when they don’t show the same reaction. It is important that their partner respects their boundaries, and is inclined to listening to the Aquarius Venus’ bold ideas and dreams. People with this Venus sign can have a slight intellectual complex, so they need a partner who isn’t easily offended and who is open to friendly debate.

Pisces Venus– People born under this Venus sign have a tendency to feel things out when it comes to relationships, to the point where they almost seem to have a sixth sense. They can feel the emotions of others better than their own. Spending time with them can be an ethereal experience. Venus in Pisces are playful, romantic, and a bit moody. The love that they offer is unconditional, which can be a good thing in the right circumstances, but because they tend to be attracted to wayward situations, it is not uncommon for someone with this Venus sign to end up with partners who have lost their way in life. Pisces have a sort of savior complex with their partners. On the plus side, they will love someone for who they are and not because of their standing in the material world. Some may display a victim complex, which can be very frustrating because they often portray themselves as martyrs. It can also be difficult to count on them, as the quality of their dreams can keep them disconnected from the real world. They show love to their partners through heartfelt moments, sharing dreams, and unconditional acceptance. It is very important they end up with a partner who brings good intentions to the table. They need a well regulated person to help keep them balanced and to tether them to the real world. Venus in Pisces are very misunderstood, especially when it comes to themselves, so they need a person who can remind them who they are.