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Behind the tennis courts is a barren wasteland of dead grass and rusty soccer goals. This area used to hold PE classes, soccer games, flag football and people who stick around school at lunch. But over the years it has become a desolate field where it is only stepped foot upon by those who cut it. Many students, such as myself, see it as a waste of space: shouldn’t we do something about this space?


Many ideas have popped up in the mind of TL students, “Why not make another building?” says Junior, Michael Haggens. “I mean if we have three million to spend on a turf field that has barely even been used by our football team, then surely we have enough for a new building.” Terra Linda is becoming a quickly overflowed school with many students coming in from the Canal Area, downtown. San Rafael High has almost filled to capacity and TL is not far behind, “If we do get a new building we can hold more students, BOOM, problem solved…” adds Haggens. 


Ideas of renovating the school popped up a while back, but now they are being put into action, with the new arts building having gone under major construction this year, students are excited to experience their new school. Sophomore Jonathan Morrison is a member of TL’s Jazz Band and is ready to get the new building, “Every Monday we have to alternate with the Advanced Drama Class in the Performance Hall… I just want a space to play my sax, honestly…”. So far this school year, both the Advanced Drama course and Jazz Band have had to share the Performance Hall, making it hard for the musicians to practice and the actors to use sets on stage. Both teachers of the fine arts, Mr. Thompson who teaches all music in the school and Mr. Pryor, the drama instructor, are open-minded towards the situation, “ It’s not the most ideal situation, but I don’t mind waiting for a new area just for fine arts…” noted Mr. Pryor. Both teachers use what they have been given and are excited for the day the new arts building is done.


There is also a new renovation that has been completed, The Innovation Hub. The Innovation Hub is where the library used to be, it is fully complete with a lounge for students and teachers alike and a recording studio. In this space, the Java, Game Design, Graphic Design and many other classes meet and have creative energy flow throughout the room. The space was created to give classes an environment that was different from a traditional classroom. Many students love the new space but would also like to see more done throughout the school, “The gym could use a redesign” says Sophomore, Evan Murillo, “I mean the rallies always feel so unsafe, climbing up those bleachers, I feel like I can fall through the gaps at any time… the gym always looks so filthy, trash, dust in all the corners, rusty doors and don’t even get me started on the locker room…”. There is obvious unrest amongst students, as many would love to see changes come to all parts of the school. 


As the first semester comes to a close, students are excited to see the progress that will be made on the arts building when they come back. Many students have ideas for how the school could look a lot better and feel better too; the students are the lifeblood of TL and they want to see change. They want a better-looking school, starting with that field.


  1. The field does not need any more money put towards it, what about the neglected pool that many championship-winning swimmers and water polo players swim in?


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