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Good News #5

Acts of Kindness at TL!

The Nicaragua Service Project, an environmental program that teens have been participating in for many years, has taken place over Ski Week. Many teachers and students alike participate in this nonprofit, and once the students are able to raise money for the trip, they help by traveling to Nicaragua over spring break, donating school supplies, medical supplies, clothing and food to the people of the poverty-struck Nicaragua. The students and teachers on the trip visit orphanages and schools to help teach children things like health and basic learning skills, as schooling is too expensive for many. One student, Clara Estebecorena Prieto, shares the experience that meant the most to her during the trip, “When we went to the Soya, the teen center, I brought my ukulele to donate to the center, where there was a boy who was 16 and had always wanted to play the ukulele. I had presented him the ukulele so he could finally learn how to play it, and I could tell how happy he was. We became pretty good friends that day, and a few days later the kids from the teen center came for dinner, and when he showed up he played me a song, which was one of the most heartwarming experiences ever. Also going to Divino Niño, the main school, and playing with all the kids and singing them songs.” Clara would definitely recommend the trip to others, as it has also changed her view on the world. She says,” I would absolutely recommend it, even though it takes a lot of commitment and work towards the project, going on the trip is an experience that’ll last a lifetime and it’ll teach so many valuable things about life- being able to give back to the world and connect with another culture. In Nicaragua, people have so little but are so grateful, even though they face challenges that most people in the US and especially Marin won’t be likely to face anytime soon.” If you’re interested, be sure to look into joining the Nicaragua Service Project of 2019.

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