Journalism Recruitment

Hello Trojans!

I’m Ms. Leonhart, your friendly neighborhood Journalism teacher, reaching out to all potential members of our staff here at TL’s news website, The Voice! As you make course choices for next year, I want to strongly encourage you to join us as we build our program, bring a quarterly paper publication back to TL, and keep our school and community awake and involved.

Do you love to write? Are you a graphic or web design wiz? Are you business savvy? A marketing genius? A fantastic photographer? Would you like to learn more about how Journalism plays an essential role in a free society, and learn how to think and write like an investigative Journalist? To get out there and GET THE STORY? If you answered “yes” to anything….

Then come join The Voice next year! We need talented writers of course, but a successful publication has people in many roles, and we need to fill them all. If you’re saying to yourself, “But….my writing isn’t very good,” don’t let that stop you. Journalism is a chance to radically improve your writing with lots of one-on-one adviser and peer support, and you’ll be writing about topics you care about for an audience who wants to hear what YOU have to say!

Please come to a lunch meeting in room 307 on Friday, March 23 to meet our current staff, ask questions, and generate ideas. It’s my goal to have journalists that represent all communities within our big TL family, and to cover stories that reach everyone. Want to be an arts and entertainment writer? A sports journalist? Want to cover issues in the LGBTQ community, Marin SEL, Drama, Special Ed and more? Care about politics (on ALL sides) and social justice? There’s a column with your name on it.

We at the Voice are very excited to welcome a new, energized cadre of Trojans next year and make this publication the best it can possibly be!

Please join us next Friday!

Ms. Teagen Leonhart


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