Dear Abby

Dear Abby #3

Dear Abby,

I really like this guy but I don’t ever talk to him. How do I make him like me?


Dear Student,

When you like someone, just go for it. Start a conversation by asking about a class or a common interest. You have to start a conversation and learn more about them before you make any moves. For example, if you know he plays a sport, ask about his next game. If he is more of a movie watcher or a book person, then ask about the newest movie playing or a bestseller you heard about. You can build upon past conversations to learn more about them while also getting closer. First, become friends and see how you feel after that. Then, you can start to send signals of how you feel and see how he responds. However, it may be easier to be more upfront because he may not recognize the signals you have been sending. This may result in hurt or disappointment because you could end up waiting for something that won’t happen or hasn’t even been recognized.


Dear Abby,

I want to give this guy a Valentine’s day gift but I am not sure if he likes me.


Dear Student,

So, you like someone, eh? You can always go old fashioned and slip a note in his bag or locker as a secret admirer, or you can try to get one of your friends to pass the gift to him during class if you don’t want him to know it is you. If you do want him to know who you are, you can always go up to him and give him the Valentine’s day gift. When passing notes to someone you like, it’s never clear if they like you or not, but that’s ok. Take a chance and give it to him cause you may not have another chance like this again.


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