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Behind The Scenes of Terra Linda Senior and Junior Prom

Prom was a huge hit for all Terra Linda upper-class students. Junior prom was held on Saturday, May 20th and Senior prom was held the following week on Sunday, May 28th. Terra Linda sold over 100 tickets and with the money, created two beautiful proms. Junior prom was hosted at the Peacock Gap Golf Course in San Rafael. It was catered with a large assortment of different foods and desserts, which included pastas, salads, brownies, and cookies. The theme of Enchanted Forest was captured wonderfully in all the different lights and lantern center pieces that were set on every table. Terra Linda junior, Trevor Eichler, explains, “Junior prom was pretty fun. Everyone was dancing and you were surrounded by juniors you never really knew were in your class. I had a good experience so I recommend all future juniors to attend their prom to.” The environment was fun and inviting to everyone there and will certainly be a forever memory for Terra Linda juniors.

Senior prom, hosted at the grand and popular San Francisco Exploratorium, was the main event. Many seniors attended this marvelous event with dates or even just with friends. The Associated Student Body’s planning paid off. The  decorations fit the theme of Starry Night perfectly and many people loved the macaroni and cheese bar. Terra Linda senior, Tori Lehmann, exclaims, “I loved prom! I recommend all future seniors to go. It’s a night you can’t miss.”  Prom is a great memory to have once high school is over, so don’t miss out if you have a prom coming up in the future.  Big thanks to the Terra Linda faculty and ASB for making both proms an ongoing memory that TL students will have forever.

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