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The Return of the Guardians of the Galaxy

     Marvels much awaited Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II premiered May 5, marking the return of everyones favorite crew of cosmic defenders. Volume I’s gripping action, hilarious characters and classic soundtrack featuring 70s and 80s hits including Escape and Hooked on a Feeling captured the hearts of young and old alike. Volume II stirred up more nostalgia with songs like Wham Bam and “The Chain.”


     The new film starts right where Volume I left off, as the Guardians depart the planet Xandar as heroes, having saved the world from the evil of Ronin and his Infinity Stone. They are then hired to protect the batteries of a powerful alien race. However, Rocket, the talking raccoon, ends up stealing the batteries, and they are pursued by their vengeful employers. As the Guardians desperately try to escape, their pursuers are destroyed by a strange life form who turns out to be Quill’s father, Ego the Living Planet. Meanwhile, Rocket and Groot stay behind to guard the ship, and are consequently taken hostage, along with former Ravager Yondu, by a crew of Ravagers and Gamoras sister, Nebula. Ego reveals to his son that he killed his mother because she was too much of a distraction to him, and that he hired Yondu to pick up Peter. Enraged, Quill battles Ego, and just as his father is about to kill him, Yondu sacrifices himself for Peter. The other Guardians plant a bomb on Egos brain and it explodes, killing the celestial.


     Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II delivered plenty of the humor and action of Volume I,  with the personalities of the Guardians complimenting each other well. Rockets goofy mannerisms and Drax’s deadpan one-liners make for a humorous combination. Quill’s relationship with Ego made the villain’s battle with the protagonists an enthralling and highly personal affair. However, much of the originality of the 2014 film does not shine through, as the new movie mirrors its predecessor in many aspects. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II is the second highest grossing movie this year, behind Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Fans are generally satisfied with the film, and believe that it has lived up to the hype.The Guardians will return for Volume III, estimated to be released in 2020.

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