Meet a Trojan

Meet A Trojan: Nick Story

Meet a Trojan Questions


(1) What’s your name?

Nick Story

(2)  What grade are you in here at TL?

I am in 9th grade.

(3) What’s your favorite class here at TL? Why?

AVID because it is making me a better student and helps me prepare for college.

(4) Who’s your favorite teacher? Why?

Catruvo because his class was lit and he is great teacher in general.

(5) If you could change one thing about TL what would it be? Why?

I would like supervised sports at lunch because students usually do it alone and they don’t really end well.

(6) What’s your favorite movie? Why?

The Fast and Furious series because it has cool cars, action, and a lot of plot twist and turns.

(7) What’s your favorite band or artist?

Luke Bryan is my favorite artist.

(8)What’s your zodiac sign?

Sagittarius is my zodiac sign.

(9) What’s better: Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Frozen yogurt is much better.

(10) Coke or Pepsi? Do you think there’s a difference?

Coke. Yes, it has small differences.

(11) What celebrity would you want to meet? Why?

The Fast and Furious cast, because there two main actors that i like which are The Rock and Vin Diesel.

(12) What’s one thing you want to achieve while attending TL?

Go to college and get good grades and receive a great education.

(13) What are your plans once you graduate TL?

Go to college and get a good job.

(14) What’s your dream career?

Youtuber/gamer would be my dream career.

(15) Tell me something you think is important for us to know about you

I am very active in sports and in my community.

(16) Do you like TL, why or why not?

Yes, because it is a good community and older students respect and help newer/younger students.

(17) Do you have a quote to live by?

“Take it a quarter mile at a time.”

(18) Any long-term life goals?

To have a great job that I enjoy and like to do, or finish my bucket list.

(19) What’s the last picture you’ve taken on your phone?

It would be the Spanish table of pronouns and adjectives.

(20) What’s your spirit animal?

A snake or a rhino

(21) What would you do if one day you walk outside and find a lottery ticket and instantly win a million dollars?

Save it for college or for later in life.

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