California’s 2017 Salmon Season is Looking Promising

California’s 2017 salmon season is looking promising, as many commercial and sport fishermen are gearing up for the fish to hit Marin County’s beautiful coast. California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife are estimating we’ll have a season just like last year, however, professionals in the business are predicting one of the best seasons California has seen in years. Captain Roger Thomas, owner of the Salty Lady, and former President of the Golden Gate Salmon Association claims, “I think we’re going to have a great season. Guys in Monterey caught a lot of fish in April and May and are still catching a few, when they catch them down there in the spring, we tend to have a big summer.” Last month the fleet had a lot of ups and downs, with days of limits and days of catching one or two fish for the day. For the fleet, this nothing to worry about. While the fish are offshore and feeding on krill they’re very unpredictable; one day they’re everywhere and biting, the next day they’re gone and off the bite. All in all, California’s 2017 Salmon season is shaping up to be off the hook. Get in on the action before it’s over, the season ends October 31.

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