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Getting a Job This Summer Can Really Pay Off

Summertime for most high schoolers means hanging out with friends in the hot sun and using the abundance of free time to engage in activities that normally can’t fit into the academically-packed school year.

However, while being with friends can be fun, a lot of high schoolers are looking at summer with a different goal in mind: making money.

With the start of summer break granting open schedules to most students, there is more time than ever for a job. A good majority of teens are taking up local jobs at the mall and in the Terra Linda area, or at community centers like the Marinwood Pool.

There are quite a bit of benefits to working over the summer. Frankie Berta, a sophomore who plans on spending her summer at the Marinwood Pool as a lifeguard and a pool attendant, is excited because, as she put it, “I love everyone who works there. It’s really fun, and there’s food.” Another sophomore, Elly Blatcher, says that, “You get the best stories.” Blatcher works at Tilly’s at the Northgate Mall, and emphasized how jobs aren’t only a good source of income, but also a way to have a lot of great experiences within the community. Of course, one of the main attracting points is the money. Blatcher says she is “looking forward to getting a lot of money, ‘cause they give you a lot of hours over the summer.”

A summer job can be a good use of time, but there are a few factors to consider before filling out applications. “I, like, rarely have free time,” describes Berta, “but I’ve been trying to figure that out, ‘cause I get really really busy and then I don’t have time to hang out with people.” If summertime means hanging out with friends every hour of every day, then getting a job can interfere with that. And while the hours can seem a little bit stressful in theory, Blatcher makes the point that “it’s only a part time job, so it’s fine.” Unless there is an absolute need to spend every minute of the summer elsewhere, a job is totally manageable by most standards.

As the school year comes to a close, most students’ focuses will be on finals. However, if you can, use this time to balance the pros and cons, and decide whether or not you want a job now so you’re able to actually land one by the summer.

If a summer job sounds right for you, there are plenty of opportunities available around the area. If you can’t find one on your own, there are also some good options listed on the bulletin board in the CCC. The people there can also get you set up with a work permit to help you on your way to employment.

The aforementioned students recommend at least contemplating acquiring a job this summer. “I would definitely consider getting a job,” Berta said. She notes how nice it is to be able to have money to spend when she isn’t busy with work.

“Do it,” Blatcher also suggests, “‘Cause you save up for college and you make your mom proud, and it actually looks really good for college applications ‘cause you got that good work ethic, and money.”

Senior Vinnie Sagastume warns about procrastinating in the application process. “I would get it as soon as possible. Don’t wait ‘til the last second ‘cause jobs will start getting filled up.”

If you have some time to spare this summer, getting a job isn’t at all a bad idea. You can get closer with the Terra Linda community, get a jumpstart on your future, acquire a nice addition to your resume and college applications, and get some cash in your wallet to use over the break. Even if it seems less favorable than going out with friends every day, or even just staying home, it’s worth considering for the opportunities it could present, and the experiences you could gain.

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