Kyrie Irving: Is The Earth Flat?

Kyrie Irving: Is the Earth Flat?

If anyone has paid any attention to sports in the last month, then Kyrie Irving rings a bell. On the court, Irving plays with dazzling game, mesmerizing dribbling and superior play making ability. However, this is not about him as a player, but as a student and human of Earth.

Kyrie Irving made headlines by exclaiming that the Earth, our world, is flat; not round, as the scientific community has agreed upon for hundreds of years. Irving has done four press conferences saying that he firmly believes that the Earth is flat.

When Irving went viral, he received the backing of many players, including teammate LeBron James. James replied saying, “Kyrie is my little brother. If he decides the Earth is flat, that’s ok.” James is clearly acting as a great teammate, but that’s not the point. Irving is fearless with his absurd theory and is actually getting people to believe it. Top player and All-Star Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors told reporters, “Who’s to say that picture is telling the truth? I can make a round picture with my iPhone today, with the panorama camera, and make it look round.”

Obviously, Irving has received widespread media attention for his beliefs, and this has led to some backlash and response from the scientific community. CNN interviewed scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson and asked about Kyrie Irving’s theory. A statement from the interviewer read, “Tyson then suggested we launch everyone who is on the same page as Irving into space and only allow them back once they all agree they were wrong.” What Degrasse means is that Irving’s theory is ridiculous and illogical in more ways than one.

Whatever people may think and believe, it’s obviously one’s God-given right to think and do as one pleases. But when there is scientific evidence, like photos from the Hubble Telescope, it’s difficult to believe that he isn’t absolutely wrong.

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