Let’s Deport All Immigrants

Immigration is a huge problem in this US. It destroys the economy and takes jobs from us. There are millions of immigrants on our shores, and they need to be deported by the government as soon as possible.

Trump is right: We must start with deporting the Muslim Americans. They are a disgrace to this “globalized” America, and provide a security risk to all public areas. Their religion promotes barbarism and they hide dangerous items in their burqa and long clothing. They are terrorists in disguise, ready to infiltrate our privileged life in America. This radical religion should not be tolerated on American shores.

I’m going to go one step further than Trump and request that we deport all Mexican, Latino, and Hispanic Americans too, regardless of their legal status in the US. They often illegally come to this country for the main reason of destroying the economy and wreaking havoc on our daily life. Deporting them, even if they are legal, will solve this long-lasting issue once and for all. As Trump says, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.” Latino Americans are here to destroy American life as we know it. These people are taking our jobs and our money, and they are not welcome here.

Ever since their arrival in the the 1830s, Asian Americans have been slowly taking our jobs and taking over society. They continue to compete with us for jobs by being over-qualified doctors, lawyers, and other occupations; their education-based ideology hurts the job market for the true ‘Americans’ here. This race should also leave our shores; Asians are here to actively promote the horror of diversity, which opposes the homogenous mindset America was built on.  

Let’s go another step further and deport all African-Americans. They are primarily poverty-stricken, which says a lot about their race as a whole. They are lazy and uneducated, as they choose to be poor by not working hard. African Americans are also the most dangerous race; their high incarceration and crime rates only prove my point. Black neighborhoods are always the least safe, so abandoning them is the best option. We need to rid America of this scourge of liberal propaganda by reverting to our classical values.

This land belongs to Americans, not anyone else. I want a restoration of traditional values and morals. I want this country to go back to its roots, back to its base ideology. I believe that the diversity of American culture was a giant mistake; we need to go back to a time where there was one dominant race.  

I propose a ban of all European Americans in this country. This “white” race has only been destructive to this country. Their disgusting culture devalues nature and the environment. They stand for corruption and greed, while embodying gross arrogance and selfishness. Caucasians use society to raise themselves above others. Ever since their arrival in the 1500s, they have committed unspeakable actions. They have committed mass genocide on one race of people, while enslaving another for their own economic gain. Throughout the last couple hundred years, whites have created a system of systematic racism to oppress others. They continue to force their religion on others and continue to violate people’s culture and beliefs to this day. Their “Catholic” and “Christian” religion has hurt all minorities, non-believers, and the LGBT community by putting them down in every way possible. Their religious book, the Bible, forces their people to commit discrimination and violence against others who don’t think the same way as them.

I propose that every immigrant in America is required to go back to where they originate. Immigrants have destroyed the Native peoples through genocide and systematic racism lasting the several centuries since their arrival. It’s only fitting that Native Americans get America back – they deserve their land back, their animals, their culture, and their people. And who knows, maybe they can make America great again.

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  1. This white guilt Politically Correct/cultural marxist article is hypocritical, and VERY CRINGEY. Please do America a favor, stop race baiting if you want to stop racism.


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