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New Teachers at TL: Tyler Blake

Upstairs in room 52 Tyler Blake spends 5 periods teaching Bilingual World Cultures and World History to students here at Terra Linda. The idea of becoming a teacher has always been in his mind because his mom was a teacher. His main inspiration, however, was a U.S. history teacher who made the topic interesting and helped Blake improve his writing skills. His passion for history and learning started young. He read National Geographic as an 8-year-old and it fueled his love of learning about the world and traveling. In the 4th grade he did a book report on JFK.

Blake taught elementary school in Korea and used to teach high school English before coming to Terra Linda. His former high school teaching experience was quite different than his time here. The high school was in a lower income area, leaving many of the students unmotivated to do debates and discussions in his class. Blake choose Terra Linda because it is in Marin and has a diverse body of students. He finds that people here are positive and likes how the ESL program and student activities are set up.

Blake plans to stay at Terra Linda for the foreseeable future. He is impressed with the school and enjoys teaching here. This year he hopes to make history interesting by showing other parts of the world to students and helping them become better writers.


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