The Golden Ball

He scores goals, has the moves, and has been named the best soccer player in the world in 2015 by FIFA. He is Argentinean and plays for the FC Barcelona Club in Spain. He is Lionel Messi, and he has won his fifth Ballon D’Or, otherwise known as the Golden Ball. Many players dream of winning this award and only a few are lucky enough to win it. Messi is a phenomenal player that has won many awards. Messi was born in Argentina and he moved to Spain to play for Barcelona at an early age. There, Messi learned to play at high levels of soccer and became an idol for many fans all over the world. The Golden Ball is a very special  award, given to the world’s best player. The Brazilian Neymar Jr. and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo were also nominated to win the award. Ronaldo scored more goals than anyone in La Liga, the league all three play in, with 48 goals total. Messi scored 43 goals and Neymar scored 31. Goals scored, however, are not the deciding factor in how the recipient is chosen.The Golden Ball is voted upon by team captains of national teams, national coaches, and journalists. Twenty other players are initially nominated, but only the top three vote-getters move on to the final stage of the award race. Ronaldo has won three Golden Balls over the course of his career. Neymar hasn’t won it yet, but he is still young and has the potential to win later in his career.  When asked who should have won the Golden Ball, Kevin Garcia, a senior at Terra Linda, jokingly said “me”, but then said that Messi rightfully won the Golden Ball. He added, “he was the one who has accomplished more this year.” Some of Messi’s other recent accomplishments include placing second at the World Cup Tournament and winning best player of the Tournament and also attending Copa America in Chile, an international football competition between men’s national football teams, and winning a silver medal.  

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  1. This is an intriguing article. I have always been interested in the gold ball. Is it made from real 24k gold? I feel that Neymar Jr. is the best player in the world, I hope you share this opinion with me. Messi is an over rated player in my opinion. Do you support Luis Suárez because you share names with him?



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